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Puritania76 4/1/2015 2:41 AM
That is Dancingmad's TS, feel free to pop on anytime for chats
Puritania76 4/1/2015 2:38 AM pw: pickles
Puritania76 2/3/2015 6:01 PM
Svenghali Mindraven 12/17/2014 12:55 PM
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Status of Essence of Evil

anaun, Jun 11, 14 11:02 AM.

Please allow me to clarify the status of this guild.

Essence of Evil was build over several years by hundreds of members, some of whom still exist on the roster. Many players fondly remember EOE, and it is still a home to them, even if rarely visited.

I am preserving EOE as a guild solely for long-standing members, who only play occasionally, to have available for resources and chat when they log in. It is, and will remain, static for the future of EQ2, to the benefit of all members.

To that end, I have tried to make the guild and guild hall as open and accessible as possible, within reasonable limits.

If Essence of Evil, for this sole purpose, does not suit a member who is playing at the moment, that member should seek a more active guild, or build their own. However, all members are welcome to remain, as long as they accept that this is what EOE has become and what it will remain.

If there is something you need, please send an e-mail to me (login to a guild character and look at MOTD for address) and I will get to it as soon as possible. If you need elevated privileges for a reasonable purpose, I am willing to consider it.


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